Success Story

Sustainable initiatives from Linstol

In partnership with Plastic Bank®, we’ve prevented more than 114,460 pounds of plastic—equivalent to removing 2,600,000 single-use plastic bottles—from entering the ocean since our partnership began in June 2021.

Linstol is the leader in in-flight passenger comforts (amenity kits, sleep kits, blankets, and pillows), consumables (cups, napkins, and cutlery), and the world’s largest manufacturer of in-flight passenger headsets. Headquartered in Naples, FL, with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and Dubai, Linstol sets the standard for sustainability and social responsibility within the airline industry. In addition, Linstol sets the industry’s highest standards for innovation, quality control, on-time deliveries and advanced logistics, tracking and warehousing.

Linstol’s environmental sustainability initiatives help protect oceans and vulnerable coastal communities, empower a regenerative society, and combat climate change. Linstol offsets 100% of the carbon emissions from transporting products from production through the final destination. In partnership with industry-expert suppliers and manufacturers, Linstol is proud to offer innovative yet environmentally friendly solutions. One example is the firm’s partnership with Plastic Bank®.

As a Plastic Bank Impact Program Corporate Sponsor, Linstol supports the organization’s aim to end ocean plastic and improve the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities. Since our partnership began in June 2021, we’ve prevented more than 114,460 pounds of plastic from entering the ocean – equivalent to removing 2,600,000 single-use plastic bottles!