our purpose

Seeding growth for boundless opportunity.

A family affair for decades, the Hoffmann Family of Companies roots and investment philosophy run deep.

our family of brands promise

Fully invested to elevate experiences.

Whether you enjoy our properties, buy our products, attend our events, rely on our services or join the Hoffmann Family of Companies, we want your experience to be world-class without exception. We find good companies, properties and people and help make the products and services we deliver even better—from the big picture to the smallest details. We are all fully invested in creating world-class experiences and value in all we do.

A boundlessly resourceful extended family…

The Hoffmann Family of Companies is a multi-vertical, family-owned company and a multi-generational family business. We partner with management teams who are like us with an intense focus on customer and employee experiences that creates and sustains value for both stakeholders.


Acquired Brands & Properties Globally


People in HF Businesses


Locations Across 30 Countries



Our family of brands and verticals.

As a family run, multi-vertical operation and investment firm, our family of companies extends to eight growing sectors. Beyond providing private capital, we work across our businesses to provide and share support, insights, opportunities and best practices.

What we look for

  • Good businesses, good properties, good people – all with the potential to be better
  • Family interests and values that are like ours
  • Opportunities to hold and improve (long view philosophy, 10+ years)
  • Hands on leaders who want to protect a name, a brand and carry on a legacy
  • Owners who want a stake, want to be involved and lead their existing team to new heights

Mutual attraction beyond the balance sheet.

The mutual attraction between good companies, properties, great people and the Hoffmann Family of Companies comes down to instant chemistry between our values, the appeal of our long view buy and hold approach, and the resources to help existing owners/teams make things tangibly better, quickly.

“We take something that is really good and try make it better. We invest in people, first.”

Hoffmann Family

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”

Hoffmann Family

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Hoffmann Family

What attracts good companies, people

  • Capital to drive improvements and understanding of succession dynamics
  • Instant chemistry with our ethics, integrity and family values
  • The long view buy and hold approach with deep capital base, without outside shareholders
  • They are run like us – lean, quick, agile, applied sweat equity
  • Staying on with their people and remaining invested in driving growth and improvement

Recent Acquisitions

We look for and invest in good businesses, good properties, good people—all with the potential to be better. The right fits are where the family interests and values of are potential partners are like ours. We work with leaders who want to protect a name, a brand and carry on a legacy with their existing teams leading the way forward. with our full support.

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