Celebrity Chef, Donald Tadlock, Delights Palates Aboard The Miss Augusta Luxury Yacht

October 31, 2023

Miss Augusta, part of the Hoffmann Family of Companies, announced today that the 105-foot luxury yacht recently hired Donald Tadlock as its head chef. Drawing upon 25 years of culinary arts expertise, Tadlock will lead the charge in crafting distinctive themed menus, devising specialty recipes, overseeing galley management, and formulating dishes that guarantee both diversity and excellence for customers.

Seasoned chef has catered to celebs including Michael J. Fox, Wayne Gretzky, Kat Williams, Michael Jordan, Brett Michaels, Adam Sandler and more

“Don has elevated every facet of the guest experience from exquisitely prepared meals to themed dinners—and engaging meet and greets with customers,” said Jenny Gezella, president of Miss Augusta.

Before joining the team at Miss Augusta, Tadlock honed his culinary skills at Viking Cruises, where his passion for cooking on the water was ignited. During his tenure, he had the privilege of preparing meals for a range of high-profile celebrities, including Michael J. Fox, Wayne Gretzky, Kat Williams, Michael Jordan, Brett Michaels and Adam Sandler. Additionally, Tadlock received culinary education and training under the guidance of renowned chefs such as John Castro and Omar Hafidi.

“For years, I’ve worked to delight palates on dry land, and now I aim to do the same on the water,” shared Chef Donald Tadlock. “My passion for cooking aboard boats has deep roots, thanks to my mother who used to take me on riverboat cruises across the country. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a child to cook for a high-profile yacht like the Miss Augusta.”

Experience Chef Donald Tadlock’s culinary creations by reserving your next voyage on the Miss Augusta. New holiday menus are now available, and the yacht is currently booking holiday parties, as well as private events, weddings and more. Custom menus are available for private events upon request.

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