Hoffmann Family of Companies Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of CDN Controls Ltd.

March 15, 2024

The Hoffmann Family of Companies (HFOC), a US-based family owned private equity firm, has acquired majority ownership of CDN Controls (CDN)—a leading player in electrical and instrumentation maintenance, automation, communication and renewable/solar services. CDN operates across 10 branches, employs over 700 professionals and manages an expansive fabrication facility. 

CDN Controls Encompasses 10 Branches, Boasts Over 700 Employees & Harnesses a Robust Fabrication Facility

The Hoffmann Family of Companies is committed to providing CDN Controls with access to capital, new market opportunities and supporting their accelerated growth. The acquisition is aimed at fostering CDN's autonomy, fortifying its business foundation and creating avenues for seizing new opportunities. 

“Hoffmann Family’s decision to purchase CDN was rooted in the alignment of values, culture and business acumen,” said Geoff Hoffmann, Co-CEO of HFOC. “We see our role as a catalyst for CDN's continued growth rather than an agent of change, preserving CDN's strategic and daily operational autonomy.” 

“When we started CDN in 2011, we wanted to create an industry dominator—and business fueled by performance and anchored by strong core values,” said Dean Fraser, CEO, and Nick Stewart, COO, both original founders of CDN. “An investment from the Hoffmann Family of Companies will allow our business to seize newer and bigger opportunities. On the horizon are significant opportunities to put our services to good use in the global energy transition—specifically massive improvements and innovations to global energy infrastructure. As the demand grows for large-scale players to undertake this work, the Hoffmann Family of Companies will help to position CDN in that space.” 

In addition, CDN also announced today their intention to penetrate the US market. Those operations will occur under the name CAVIS (kay-vis) Energy Corp. Canadian operations will remain under the name CDN.

The CDN Executive Team will be comprised of Dean Fraser, serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder, Nick Stewart as Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Founder, David Gillett as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Susan Borrows as Chief People & Corporate Services Officer (CPCSO). 

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About Hoffmann Family of Companies: 

The Hoffmann Family of Companies (HF Companies), a multi-vertical family-owned company consisting of over 100 national brands, employs 9,000 global employees with businesses located in 30 countries and 250 locations around the world. The HF Companies’ verticals include Aviation, Agriculture, Financial Services, Hospitality, Business & Professional Services, Industrial, Manufacturing, Marine, Media & Marketing, Real Estate and Transportation. For more information, visit: 

About CDN Controls: 

CDN is Western Canada’s leader in electrical and instrumentation maintenance, automation, communication, and renewable/solar services. United by a vision to become a globally recognized business celebrated for our tenacious full-service approach in relentless pursuit of industry dominance, CDN’s collective team of more than 700 employees and contractors are committed to the highest standards in performance, measurement, and safety — and, above all, pride in a job well done. With 10 branches, six formal Indigenous partnerships, and a history of building impactful relationships, CDN delivers systems that perform.

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